Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this website as well as all transactions conducted through this site.

When you buy, including but not limited to click-to-buy, buying by phone or any other means of buying any barcode or barcodes of any description or amounts from this website (legalupcbarcodes.com) or from the owner of this website or any authorized agent/employee of this website (legalupcbarcodes.com) using PayPal, Google Checkout, by phone, mail or any other means, you, the customer or representative of the customer, agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the owner or owners of legalupcbarcodes.com and Vetrolaser LLC, its shareholders, owners, members, directors and employees, and their successors and assigns from any and all legal claims including any and all attorneys’ costs and fees, arising out of this Agreement, including the owners of legalupcbarcodes.com and anyone associated with Vetrolaser LLC’s enforcing the terms of the Agreement, and Customer’s use of the Barcode Numbers, including, but not limited to, criminal prosecution, product liability claims, and retailer punitive fines.  The buyer assumes full responsibility for their actions in the use of the Barcodes they buy or bought from this website.  It is up to the buyer of any Barcode sold here to comply with any and all civil, state and federal laws pertaining to the use of barcodes or UPC barcodes.  Furthermore, the customer warrants that all the information they provided in respect to their order is true and correct and bought them legally with their own funds or credit card or by any other purchasing means.  The customer further agrees never to use the barcode or barcodes they bought here for any unlawful or fraudulent use, nor use any UPC barcode or UPC barcode (bar code) numbers containing Vetrolaser LLC’s (formerly Three Boys Press) company prefix other than the specific bar code numbers sent to the customer of the barcode or barcodes.  The customer also agrees to not re-sell, transfer or license the Barcode numbers they bought here;  however, the customer may, at their discretion, donate, give away, or include the barcode numbers in the sale of the customer’s business, providing that such recipient agrees to the terms of this agreement.  In doing so, the customer agrees to inform the owners or agents of legalupcbarcodes.com in a timely manner in the event that the customer transfers the barcode numbers to another party.

When a customer buys a Barcode, UPC Barcode or Barcodes, and agrees to the above terms by placing their order from this website, the owners or authorized agents of legalupcbarcodes.com and/or Vetrolaser LLC agrees to transfer ownership in perpetuity to the Customer of certain company assets, which consist solely of the specific Barcode number or numbers sent (emailed, faxed or sent by any other means) to the customer.  The customer will not have any ownership or rights to any other asset or assets of legalupcbarcodes.com or Vetrolaser LLC or their authorized agents.

All sales are final once a customer buys a Barcode or Barcodes from legalupcbarcodes.com, Three Boys Press, or Vetrolaser LLC.  This prevents duplication.  The customer is asked to make sure they want the barcodes before they buy.

The owners of the website legalupcbarcodes.com and Vetrolaser LLC is the sole and legal owner of the Barcode numbers and any and all UPC Barcode numbers that begin with the Vetrolaser LLC (formerly Three Boys Press) company prefix.  The Vetrolaser LLC company prefix consists of the first 6 (six) digits of all the Barcode numbers that have been sent or will be sent to the customer who agrees to the above terms and conditions, and is also found on the proof of ownership letter that was sent by mail to Three Boys Press (now Vetrolaser LLC) in 1996 by Uniform Code Council, Inc. then later emailed to Vetrolaser LLC by GS1 US (formerly Uniform Code Council, Inc).  A digital copy of this letter will be provided to the customer as part of this transaction.

The agents or owners of legalupcbarcodes.com or Vetrolaser LLC agree to keep and maintain a database of all sales to prevent duplication.  The previous statement is null and void if the customer requests and receives a refund based on terms in the above paragraph.

Consumer Agreement

The customer agrees to never use the UPC or EAN numbers, Barcodes, and graphics bought here for any illegal activity whatsoever.  The seller of these Barcodes (legalupcbarcodes.com) and its agents are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any illegal activity caused by the purchaser of UPC or EAN Barcodes bought here.

Shipping and Delivery

No charge for shipping.  All Barcodes will be emailed to the customer.

Sales Tax

Legalupcbarcodes.com (Vetrolaser LLC) charges 8% sales tax for Illinois residents.


All sales are final.  This prevents duplication.