Our Company

We cater to small and medium-sized businesses who want to distribute their products to the widest possible audience at the lowest possible cost.

How do we do this?

It’s simple:  We own our barcodes.  We bought our barcode prefix, which gave us 100,000 unique codes, from the Universal Code Council (UCC), in 1996 for a product we were distributing at the time.

In the early 2000s, UCC (now called GS1 US) suddenly decided it would retain ownership of the prefixes they were selling (actually leasing) and began charging owners annual fees to maintain their prefixes.

Needless to say this did not sit well with a lot of people, especially those like us who bought our prefix years before and without any contractual reselling restrictions.  Before long some manufacturers got together and sued UCC for illegally imposing the new rules.  The judge agreed and they won a nearly $4 million settlement, which also included a stipulation that allows any ORIGINAL prefix owner like us to continue selling our unused barcodes to the general public.  And, unlike GS1, we won’t charge you $750.00 just to get started.

There are NO MAINTENANCE FEES OR OTHER COSTS with us — Your barcodes are yours to keep FOREVER!

The above is a copy of our 1996 letter from the Uniform Code Council officially welcoming us as a participant in the Universal Product Code (UPC) program.

BE WARY of other resellers who sell UPC barcodes for ridiculously low prices.  Many of these folks acquired their prefix by taking advantage of an unsuspecting original prefix owner and thus don’t even legally own the barcodes they’re trying to sell!  If you buy from them, then what?

There are literally hundreds of resellers out there who troll UCC’s old database and buy prefixes on the cheap that are owned by small companies like us.  Many of these companies were tricked into selling their prefix not knowing its true value. Their unethical business practices may soon be exposed in court as AUTHORIZED RESELLERS, such as ourselves and GS1, fight to retain the LEGAL market value of our investments.  And that could be a major problem, especially for the retailers who bought UPC barcodes from these dubious resellers.  It is quite possible that many retailers are using bogus barcodes and will have to start all over with new barcodes.  Some bargain.  That could cause a lot of confusion and cost these retailers a lot of money and heartache.

Buy from us and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you bought a LEGAL BARCODE from the original prefix owner.

Below you will find a copy of our 1996 letter from the Uniform Code Council officially welcoming us as a participant in the Universal Product Code (UPC) program.

If you want to sell a new product on Amazon.com, you will be required to provide either a UPC or EAN barcode number to list each item.  I sell those.  There are NO membership fees or annual fees of any kind.  There’s nothing complicated about doing business with me.  You buy the barcodes, I email them to you, and you use them right away.  Most orders are filled within the hour after you order.

You don’t need a barcode graphic to list your new product on Amazon or most other online stores.  However, I will email you a unique barcode graphic at no extra charge if you need to affix or print one on your products.  I will also send you a free Avery label template so you can easily print your own graphics.

Most retailers accept our UPC barcodes.  There are only a few that will not accept barcodes from resellers, including: Macy’s, Kroger, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.  For those retailers you would have to get your barcodes from GS1.

Have questions before ordering? Here’s my cell number:

(847) 347-0560

Please ask for Jeff – I’m happy to speak with you.

Or email: legalupcbarcodes@gmail.com

Note:  Most customers order UPC numbers (as opposed to EAN numbers) if their business is located in the U.S.

Buy with confidence. Buy your UPC barcodes from us.

Important: ALL sales are final.  We cannot offer refunds once someone buys our barcodes.  This prevents duplication.  Once a barcode is “out there” we don’t want anyone else to use it, even by mistake. So please, make sure you want these barcodes before you buy.